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This documentary is a thorough exploration of mankind's intense relationship with sounds and emotions.

“Oh, It Hertz!” explores how sound affects human beings in the most eclectic ways and how it can be used as a weapon in the hands of evil forces.

The main protagonist is U.S. born vocalist/musician Laurie Amat, who performed with the cult band “The Residents” at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Passionate about the emotional impact of sound, Amat is worried that the Nazis might have messed about with music, as she has heard of a Nazi conspiracy theory around their alleged changing of music tuning in 1939 – from 432 to 440 Hertz – to manipulate the masses. Gunnar Hall Jensen follows the unconventional Amat on her investigative trip in the universe of sound, as she meets international sound experts from the U.S., U.K. and Norway.

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