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"Beffen First" has been awarded for its excellent Film Making.

Some exciting news has occured. Beffen First has been awarded "The Gold Winner 2021" at the International Independent Film Award. In addition Beffen First has also been awarded "Excellence Film Making" at the Titan Film Festivial.

The International Independent Film Awards are dedicated to recognizing and honoring the many great independent filmmakers and artists from all around the world who communicate their thoughts in a compelling, innovative, and entertaining way. Whilst the Titan Film Festival is a film festival that showcases films from all around the world, promoting cinema's innovation, art, and freedom.

We are immensely proud to share the awards below-

A big congratulations to Director Anne for her recent achievement and success with her film "Beffen First". For more updates do be sure to keep in touch using the links below.

For More information:

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