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Karin Randi Flatøy Svarstad

Director & Artist

Karin Randi Flatøy Svarstad is the director of Sommerakademiet and Voksa kultursenter on the western part of Norway. At Sommerakademiet and Voksa kultursenter she runs a art gallery, craft shop and workshop space.

Karin is also the founder of the North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool project, which includes a yearly conference and a traveling exhibition where Shetland, Norway, Orkney, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Outer Hebrides and Isle of Man are represented.

Karin was born on the small Norwegian island Voksa and is the founder of the upcoming placemaking project based on the two neighboring islands, Sandsøy and Voksa.

The concept of this upcoming project is based on creating a unique and interesting place to stay and live. Culture, Art, Craft and History as well as Nature will be the vital elements to this project. She is also in the process of building a culture center at Voksa.

This will be an key area for screening films and digital projects, a meeting place for artists and tourists, as well as a place for workshops focused on working with wool from the Native Sheep. There will also be conferences, concerts and space for Artists in Residence. Since 2010 Karin has been arranging projects focused on small scale wool businesses around the North Sea. She is also a textile artist working with wool as her main material.

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Karin Randi Flatøy Svarstad
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