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Jennifer D'Amore

Multimedia Artist

Jennifer was born and raised in the outskirts of New York City where her life was influenced by a mosaic of culture and music. Classically trained in the arts, technically trained in film editing, she combines both in mutually beneficial projects with international artists.

Her initial conceptual work evolved to require more dimensions moving from 2D to 3D or more, creating interactive and wearable sculptures that developed into performance pieces and eventually incorporated film and Virtual Reality.

Jen has more than eighteen years of experience with art and media organizations, in positions that range from technical to creative, including everything from film editor, broadcast technician and compositor, to storyteller, production designer and prop master.

She has been represented by Art Haus International and her paintings have shown in galleries including Renee Taylor Gallery, and Horizon Art. Collaborations include co-designing a video art exhibit with Anne Magnussen at the Ilmin Museum of Art, in Seoul, and co-producing a VR prototype “Journey of Water” at the Off-Piste Virtual Storytelling lab in Norway.

Jennifer served as editor and dramaturg of soon to be released documentary film "Alt for Beffen '' and is currently a media producer/advisor and team leader at the Media Lab at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen.

As a member of Dikkedokken, Jennifer is most interested in co-creating multimedia installations.

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Jennifer D'Amore
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