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Antonia Omede

Marketing Specialist

Antonia is a Master's degree, Digital Marketing graduate with 3+ years of experience building and implementing strategies focused on Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, and AdWords largely for Small and medium-sized businesses in the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer sectors).

She has a proven track record in successfully grew organic revenue by 34% in 8 months through content creation and link-building strategy. Antonia is currently a Digital Marketing Specialist at Veri Software.

Antonia is also certified in the areas of Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Google Adwords. Her past and current projects working with LEO Fingal, Durrow Mills, KSI Speech Lab, Dx Compliance, Directionality, and many more, has allowed me to acquire an extensive skillset across an array of areas.

She also has considerable experience in using applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Her key areas of interest include Social Media Marketing, Data analytics, and Advertising,

Antonia Omede
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