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Anni Tiainen

Fine Artist and Film Editor

Anni Tiainen is a Fine Artist and Film Editor. She has a masters degree in fine arts from The Oslo National Academy of the Arts and a bachelor degree in film editing from The Norwegian Film School. She has also studied creative writing at Jyväskylä university in Finland.

As fine artist she works with illustrations, animations, experimental film and collage. She has presented her work in private and group exhibitions in Norway and internationally.

As film editor she works with documentary, fiction and TV-series. She has edited the short film She-Pack (2018) directed by Fanny Ovesen which won the Amanda prize in Norway for best short film in 2019.

In 2021 Anni directed and edited the short film Glimmer Like Gold, Melt Like Snow with film director Teresia Fant. The film has been shown in The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Østlandsutstillingen and Høstutstillingen in 2021.

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Anni Tiainen
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