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Anne Magnussen

Founder & Filmmaker

Anne Magnussen is the founder of Dikkedokken Filmlaug and has been a part of several projects supported by EEA grants. Anne is also the founder and owner of EMBLA FILM.

Anne has an extensive background as a Technician in sound, Editing, and Cinematography at NRK. To which she later perused a Director and Producer’s role.

As a director and producer, she has made documentaries and entertainment series, as well as television programs of various genres.

Her last film THE MAN WHO KNEW 75 LANGUAGES received support from film funds in Norway, Poland and Lithuania, and was filmed in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, England, Romania and Norway.

The film has also been featured in several film festivals. In 2018, Anne was invited to create an art exhibition based on the animation of the film at the Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea.

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Anne Magnussen
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