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Glimmers Like Gold, Melts Like Snow

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The short documentary Glimmers Like Gold, Melts Like Snow is a collaboration between film director Teresia Fant and Fine Artist and Film Editor Anni Tiainen. The film is a poetic description of memories, time and life on the edge of a rapidly changing world. We hear interviews with locals in the Inari area, in northern Finland. The area has been inhabited for several thousand years but now only 7000 people live in the municipality.

A small library on the mountain that has been used by local gold diggers for many years, has preserved stories and memories. The landscape images show how small man and the library are in the northern Finnish landscape. The landscape is older than the individual and connects us to history. What we remember and what we forget becomes part of this story.

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Anni Tiainen

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